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    Flickr is an online photo archive, but it’s more than just an archive; it’s a genuine social software tool.  Flickr facilitates a number of uses beyond photo storing.  The flickr site has a blog with images of current news events.  Flickr has its own internal email system so you can communicate with other members. You can leave comments on and thus participate in discussions on any image.

    You can find images created by other people to enhance your presentations.  Since flickr works with a tagging system like, it is easy to search for keywords associated with images.  You can annotate images or parts of images (using ‘Add note’).  You can even use flickr as a presentation tool, a more sophisticated version of powerpoint.

    You can subscribe to someone’s flickr photos via RSS.  You can subscribe to anyone’s images tagged with keywords you specify (e.g. production, cost, scarcity) via RSS.  You can share images with groups of people.  Or you can create a group of flicker members with interest in a certain topic (e.g. economic concepts).

    You can insert any image on flickr into a blog post (unless the owner of the image turns this option off).

    You can also ‘geotag’ images, associated them with a physical location (via Yahoo Maps).

    Courses where I’ve used flickr:

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