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    ECON 201/202

    ECON 201/202: Principles of Macro/Micro

    In both principles of macro and micro, I use a WordPress blog platform as a Learning Management System in lieu of our enterprise CMS Blackboard. I am not using blogs, wikis or other tools of social software. Rather, I’m using the blog software simply to create the course website.  (I now use WordPress to create the course websites for all of my courses.)  WordPress is easy to use and very flexible allowing me to create exactly the site I want.  It is superior to Blackboard for nearly all pedagogical purposes. However, it doesn’t offer course management functions like quizzing or making grades available to students. I am using the on-line quiz features of Aplia. I’m also looking for an open source way of making grades available.

    Over the last year, I’ve also used twitter as a medium for weekly “minute papers.”  I ask students to identify anything from the week’s material they don’t feel they understand.  (If they understand everything, I ask them to tweet that instead.)  If they submit a tweet, I give them the credit.  Since the tweets are short, they take little time to review.  I collate the responses to see if there are common problems, in which case I review that material the next class.  Twitter has proven to be a low effort way of keeping abreast of where the class is having difficulties.