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    ECON 488

    This project explored the use of a suite of web-based tools, including blogs, Google docs and a wiki, all linked by RSS aggregation, to construct a course environment that would promote collaborative exploration of the topics in a senior seminar on macroeconomics, and which would take the knowledge created in the course to produce a reusable resource addressed to economics majors who haven’t taken the course.

    Each course topic had a page on the course website, which was designed to be a one-stop location for information on that topic.  The information included readings on the topic, each student’s critical reflections on what they read, a feed on the topic, and collaborative notes from class discussion.  Unfortunately, the course website was inadvertently lost during a change in web servers.  You can see the course wiki page here, and examples of collaborative notes here and here. The feed is at  The beginnings of the final product can be seen at .

    RSS aggregation was used to link different components of the course to the course website, for example, when notes were posted to a google doc, a link appeared on the course website.  This was all transparent to the students.